Seeding Social Innovation in Local Communities!


TITLE: Seeding Social Innovation in Local Communities!

PROGRAM: Erasmus +

ACTION TYPE: Capacity Building

PERIOD: 01st October 2015 till 01st February 2017

VENUE: Croaita, France, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Peru, Thailand and Vietnam


The project consists of a several international and paralel local activities of eight partner organizations within a period of 16 months. Central activities are two transnational capacity building seminars for youth workers in Vietnam and Croatia; 8 multiplication seminars in participating countries, 8 job shadowing activities and two youth led practical projects.


The project aims to promote active youth participation in their communities and to build youth workers’ and youth leaders’ capacity to maximize youths potential for social innovation and entrepreneuership in tackling the problems of youth unemployement and for promoting social inclusion, social innovation, gender empowerment and sustainable human development in participating communities.

Beside 48 Youth Workers, with this activities we want to reach wider audience and to inform youth about the concept, methods, and values of zouth participation, social entrepreneureship in the youth sector, as well as provide zouth with real life examples of zoung social entrepreneur in action.

Seeding Social Innovation in Local Communities!

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