Homo Europeanus


TITLE: Homo Europeanus – Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit

FOUNDING PROGRAM: Europe for Citizen 2014-2020

SUB-PROGRAMME: Democratic engagement and civic participation

ACTION: 2.3: Civil Society Projects

PERIOD: 1st of September 2015 to the 31st of December 2016



The project’s overall objective is spreading more knowledge about EU particularly in the context of the economic crisis, a general rise in antiimmigrant sentiment and xenophobia – to citizens of the member states and EU candidate countries, in order to overcome democratic deficit.


  • to increase the motivation and build the citizens capacities and competences from current and potential MSs to participate actively in building future Europe.
  • to enhance the interactive relation between citizens and institution, encouraging a bottom up approach to allow citizens to express their views on the EU – on what they perceive to be the EU urgent issues relevant to the development of Europe.
  • to encourage citizens to use exited democratic instruments and to develop innovative one.
  • to enhance participation in debate to build the capacity of civil society organizations.
  • to foster European citizenship and ownership of the Europe.

The action will be implemented by 14 NGOs from 9 MSs (Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Latvia), and 3 CC (Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM).

During 16 months project events will involve 500 direct participants and numerous wider local public who will overcome the “knowledge deficit” and gain better understanding about EU – necessary ground for their more active involvement in creating future Europe.

Homo Europeanus

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