Homo Europeanus


TITLE: Homo Europeanus – Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit

FOUNDING PROGRAM: Europe for Citizen 2014-2020

SUB-PROGRAMME: Democratic engagement and civic participation

ACTION: 2.3: Civil Society Projects

PERIOD: 1st of September 2015 to the 31st of December 2016



The project’s overall objective is spreading more knowledge about EU particularly in the context of the economic crisis, a general rise in antiimmigrant sentiment and xenophobia – to citizens of the member states and EU candidate countries, in order to overcome democratic deficit.


  • to increase the motivation and build the citizens capacities and competences from current and potential MSs to participate actively in building future Europe.
  • to enhance the interactive relation between citizens and institution, encouraging a bottom up approach to allow citizens to express their views on the EU – on what they perceive to be the EU urgent issues relevant to the development of Europe.
  • to encourage citizens to use exited democratic instruments and to develop innovative one.
  • to enhance participation in debate to build the capacity of civil society organizations.
  • to foster European citizenship and ownership of the Europe.

The action will be implemented by 14 NGOs from 9 MSs (Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Latvia), and 3 CC (Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM).

During 16 months project events will involve 500 direct participants and numerous wider local public who will overcome the “knowledge deficit” and gain better understanding about EU – necessary ground for their more active involvement in creating future Europe.

Homo Europeanus

Volonteri Europskog doma Slavonski Brod iz Turske organizirat će besplatni tečaj turskog jezika. Ako ste zainteresirani za pohađanje tromjesečnog tečaja turskog jezika te ukoliko želite saznati i neke zanimljive detalje iz turske povijesti i kulture, molimo vas da ispunite ovaj obrazac radi lakše organizacije tečaja. Prijave koje stignu do 15. siječnja 2018. godine bit će uzete u obzir. U slučaju većeg broja prijavitelja, u obzir ćemo uzeti one koji nam se prvi jave. Tečaj počinje 15. siječnja 2018. godine. Održavat će se u prostoru Europe Directa Slavonski Brod, Mesićeva 28 (ulaz iz Mažuranićeve), Slavonski Brod, za prvu skupinu u vremenu 17:00 do 18:30 i za drugu od 19:00 do 20:30 sati, svakog utorka i četvrtka. Veselimo se vašem odazivu!