GO PRO! Regional programming centres

TITLE: GO PRO! Regional programming centres

PROGRAM: Erasmus +

ACTION TYPE: Capacity Building

PERIOD: 01st October 2015 till 01st February 2017

VENUE: Croatia, France, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Peru, Thailand and Vietnam


  • Meritum, Poland
  • Europe House Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • Kenya Voluntary Development Association, Kenya
  • CSDS, Vietnam
  • Promocion Educativa, Spain
  • Volunteer Spirit Association, Thailand
  • Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Peru, Peru
  • Dejavato Foundation, Indonesia



The main objective of the project is to create space for the development of key competences (ICT) in the field of programming for children and youth.

Specific goals

  • Creation of extracurricular programming education points (GO_PRO!) in partner organisations
  • Improving knowledge and competence in teaching the basics of programming (algorithmic) of partners staff
  • Increasing the knowledge and expertise in the creation of algorithms, creative problem solving and creativity in pupils/students attending classes/workshops in GO_PRO! Centers

The basic idea is to use the existing infrastructure, only reconfigure it. To create GO_PRO! Centres we cooperated with partner organisations. Well-equipped educational centres created conditions for modern programming education. In partnerships with local schools – partners shall organise interesting IT lessons, but also allows (during so-called Coder Clubs) youth to develop programming skills during their free time. Coder Clubs are based on challenges. Each week there is a new problem, new challenge, which Club has to solve together! They need to learn new thing about the algorithm, build a robot using Lego Mindstorms, and then program it properly. Sometimes the challenges force youth to divide into smaller groups. They compete with each other to create the best solution, this way they are stimulated to give all their energy and enthusiasm to solve the particular problem the best possible way.

GO PRO! Regional programming centres

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