Boost Your Employability!


TITLE: Boost Your Employability! (BYE!)

PROGRAM: Erasmus +

ACTION TYPE: Youth mobility

PERIOD: 12th October  till 20th October 2015

VENUE: Zadar, Croatia


39 young people and 9 leaders from nine countries are invited to participate: Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Czech Repulic and BiH.

Each parnter organization will send 4  participants  + 1 leader (5 persons total).

The Croatian group will have 7 participants and 1 leader.


The youth exchange BYE – Boost Your Employability! was developed in order to create more awareness towards employability and how to become more entrepreneurial in finding job opportunities and filling in the life. The project is designed to find possibilities and to create more opportunities and insight for the young participants regarding their education, leisure time, volunteering and future career.

The activity will last for 8 days in Youth Hostel Zadar, Croatia.

Participants will be working on the theme ‘entrepreneurship’ based on experiential and non-formal learning, using the tools: video, photography, role play activities and simulation games.

The priority of the exchange is to create awareness about the own possibilities concerning entrepreneurship, what the options and possibilities are and what they can gain for themselves.

Boost Your Employability!

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