BEE Project: Building Empowering Environment for Youth Employability


PROGRAM: Erasmus +

ACTION TYPE: Capacity Building

VENUE: Italy, Philipines and each partner country


  • You Net, Italy
  • Europe House Slavonski Brod, Croatia
  • Volunteer Centre, South Africa
  • Europanet, Association
  • Socialinių inovacijų centras, Lithuania
  • C4G, Portugal
  • Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly, Indonesia
  • International Transformation Foundation, Kenya
  • Disha International Foundation Trust, India
  • Social Youth Developments, Greece
  • Citizens ni power, Cyprus
  • Chango, China
  • Etica da terra, Brasil


  • to foster cooperation, exchange of knowledge and capacity development in the field of work-based learning mobility between the partner countries;
  • to create and reinforce synergies between formal education sector, non-formal education and labour market and to set up environment for cross-sectorial cooperation for youth employability;
  • to provide youth organisations with guidance and tools for bridging the sectors and creating an empowering environment for work-based learning;
  • to create new tools and methods that promote work-based learning mobility as a complementary education path in order to support boosting employability of young people;
  • to support and facilitate creation of cross-sectorial networking on global level thus set up space for creation of new work-based learning mobility opportunities for young people.
  • BEE expected results that will contribute to solve the problems of youth employability and skill gap identified in the previous sections are the following:
  • increased capacity of youth organisations to promote work-based learning experience
  • raised awareness and improved attitude of formal education, employers, public institutions and youths towards work-based learning as crucial step for employability
  • increased quality, quantity and accessibility of work-based learning both at local level (through local cooperation and networking) and at international level (through specific mobility schemes)

BEE Project: Building Empowering Environment for Youth Employability

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