Europe House Slavonski Brod is looking for 2 Croatian participants to attend 6-day training “How to promote and teach basics of programming and develop new GO_PRO! Center" from 5th till 12th of April in Krakow, Poland. BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT: The main objective of the project was to create space for the development of key competences (ICT) in the field of programming for children and youth. Specific goals 1. Creation of extracurricular programming education points (GO_PRO!) in partner organizations 2. Improving knowledge and competence in teaching the basics of programming (algorithmic) of partners staff 3. Increasing the knowledge and expertise in the creation of algorithms, creative problem solving and creativity in pupils/students attending classes/workshops in GO_PRO! Centers The basic idea is to use the existing infrastructure, only reconfigure it. To create GO_PRO! Centers we cooperated with partner organizations. Well-equipped educational centers created conditions for modern programming education. In partnerships with local schools - partners shall organize interesting IT lessons, but also allows (during so-called Coder Clubs) youth to develop programming skills during their free time. Coder Clubs are based on challenges. Each week there is a new problem, new challenge, which Club has to solve together! They need to learn new thing about algorithm, build a robot using Lego Mindstorms, and then program it properly. Sometimes the challenges force youth to divide into smaller groups. They compete with each other to create best solution, this way they are stimulated to give all their energy and enthusiasm to solve particular problem the best possible way. PARTICIPANT PROFILE: Participants should fulfil the following criteria: – To be involved in a youth organisation and/or be active in education (school or university; formal or non-formal education) as representatives, volunteers, trainers and/or youth workers; – Aged between 18-35 years old; All participants must also: – have a strong personal and professional motivation and the intention (with support from their organisations/institutions) to take an active role in setting up and running local programming center in Slavonski Brod. – have a strong personal and professional motivation and the intention (with support from their organisations/institutions) to take an active role in: – Leading a Programming workshop for youth – 120h in every GO_PRO! Center – Opening “Coding Club” The different sessions of the training course will be in English. Candidates must be fluent in English and are requested to indicate their language level in the application form. TRAVEL, BOARDING, AND LODGING The Meritum will do its best to issue a pre-paid ticket. In exceptional cases, participants might advance the booking of the international flight and reimbursement will be done fully or in an agreed amount. Please do not proceed with any booking until confirmation of selection and agreement regarding travel arrangements. The board and lodging for the full duration of the training course is covered (accommodation and meals). Participants will be accommodated in rooms with mulitple beds. There is no participation fee for this training course. SELECTION PROCESS Candidates who wish to be considered for participation in the GO PRO Project shall submit an up-to-date CV (not more than two A4 pages and using the attached format) and an expression of interest (not more than 500 words). Applications (preferably in pdf format) and inquiries shall be sent by e-mail to: info.edsb@gmail.com. The deadline for submitting applications is 6th February 2017. We are looking forward to receiving your applications.